Not much else to say as i haven't read much, but it is only 15 chapters so it seems that it is one where the author knew when to stop.

She realized that it was her classmate who was bullying her, so she decides to take revenge against her and her classmates.

Apr 11, 2023 · See On Amazon. Guts, filled with hatred and pain, is now out there hunting all those who have hurt him.

Reverse Villain.

After killing the demon king of this alternate world and honing his skills as a warrior, Jeongsu returns to Earth, hell-bent on revenge against Minsu.

But when the main character enters his body, the sudden. There is a good mystery going, about where the hell the house came from. It’s a fun manga to read with good humor, an adventurous spirit, and cool fighting techniques.

Studios: Arms.

. Art is really nice and so far (8 chapters) its looking good. texassilent.

Jan 29, 2022 · The first chapter has the MC - named Toru Eiban - being kicked out of the party and his childhood friend "hero" supposedly sleeping with their 3 female companions (including MC's fiance). MC is not a miserable arse, nice, but not whiney, overly happy and naive.

He was a weak kid and could not defend himself.

Manga where MC is bullied or family parents are killed and gets revenge.

. Complete list of betrayal manga.

Shinigami Manga. .

Nov 13, 2022 · In his rampage, he kills teenager Jeongsu Park and his family.

Guts is one of the commanders of the mercenary group “ The Band of the Hawk ” led by the famous and charismatic Griffith.


Shinigami. . My little manga fan in me that read it is reminiscing about watching Bleach.

A serial killer is a person who commits a series of murders, often with a predictable pattern or with a specific motive, such as holding a grudge, or even promoting their own twisted sense of vigilante. I’d say this is an excellent book, but I believe it’s not fair to compare it with solo leveling. Last Girl! 🤯 Most Funny Broken Chair Prank! 😂. Aug 2017. The accused offense, be it real or imaginary, can range from a world that has treated them unfairly to more personal motives such as the murder of a loved one, and is the driving force.


He has terrific plans in mind for the revenge. Genre (s): Drama / Psychological.

Every chapter depicting horrid battles with disgusting monsters.


MC is not a miserable arse, nice, but not whiney, overly happy and naive.

The name is also associated with a blue-green color reflecting his eye color.

Manga About Priests.