Also enabled IPv6.

After rebooting, check the.

Better QS This module will make modifications in QS while you use your device in landscape mode. BlockAds is a Magisk module created to get rids of ads on Android as well as block some unwanted sites.

Open your Magisk Manager app and tap the puzzle piece icon on the floating menu bar at the bottom of the screen.


. Look for the folder “data” – “adb” in the root menu. Magisk module to block ads on android.


. Also enabled IPv6. Also enabled IPv6.

Features Blocks Ads Blocks Android Apps Ads Updates Read more. .


I can't do anything for that.

Top Devices Google Pixel 6 Pro Google Pixel 6 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. .

. Go to the location where you got or saved the module.

Magisk Module; Non Rooted Device? Version Without Porn Block; Updates.

In all scripts of your module, please use MODDIR=${0%/*} to get your module’s base directory path; do NOT hardcode your.


A list of all the installed modules will appear. ) (by Magisk-Modules-Alt-Repo). Energized Magisk Module is here to serve all you guys with its advanced features.

Go to the location where you got or saved the module. De-Bloater is an application using the power of. Reboot the phone. You will need a Terminal Emulator to setup Energized Protection. .

After rebooting, check.

. fc-falcon">MinMinGuard is an Xposed module.

Ad Block Module Magisk module for blocking ads in apps and on the web.

class=" fc-falcon">Magisk module to bypass Google SafetyNet attestation.


sh and service.

sh should be good enough if you just need to run a boot script.