MHD B58 Maps Pack €109.

Whereas MHD and BM3 are $600~.

As discussed briefly above, MHD offers two stages for the B58 engine. .

Technical Topics B58 6-Cylinder Turbo Engine / Drivetrain / Exhaust Modifications 11.


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2011 BMW 135i [10.

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8s M140i F20 X Drive Downpipe @xhpflashtool ST3 TCU B58TU.


. 92 we introduced new maps for B58TU cars with M1 engine (Supra A90, Z4 EU.

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Simple effective performance.
The new MHD Wireless OBDII WiFi Flash Adapter V2 allows you to reliably load flash maps to your BMW including JB4 back-end flash maps faster and easier than.

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2011 BMW 135i [10. Eight maps included Stage 1 and Stage 1+ FMIC (upgraded FMIC recommended). it goes into limp mode.

class=" fc-falcon">dmacpro91 BMW-XDFs. MHD E30 stage 2 timing adjustment with Tuner Pro Hello guys, I’m looking to advance timing on TunerPro for the E30 map. The car pulls hard, like really hard all the way until. . com/watch?v=iUGK9vGxbYgThicWhips Merch, Apparels, Decals: https://tinyurl. We offer a wide selection of OTS maps for the B58 engine suitable for many different vehicle modifications and octane levels.


Simple effective performance. .


MHD offers four “stages” for the E series N55 and a 5th stage for E30 fueling.



One of our beta tester customers managed to break the B58 1/4 mile stock turbo world record in his M140i X-Drive running the ST2+ HPFP E30 map, only mods are downpipe, B58TU1 HPFP & Spark Plugs and XHP Flashtool ST3.